Wheat Mill Machine

Wheat Flour Milling Machine
Wheat Flour Milling Machine

Wheat Flour Milling Machine

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Installation area10mx4mx5m16mx6mx6.5m18m*8m*7m20mx6mx7m25*10*11m

Features of wheat flour milling machine

1. Roller mills are manufactured precisely and controlled by manual mode. 

2. Complete sets of large wheat flour milling machine adopt various configuration modes for different choices. There are streamlined design, reasonable layout, beautiful performance . 

3. It can be installed on a steel frame structure or in a concrete building.

4. The large wheat flour making machine is with advanced technical process and flexible adjustment. 

5. Good after-sales service and spare parts is supplied for complete set of large wheat flour milling machine.

Complete sets wheat flour milling machine include four part:

1.Cleaning part.

Mainly used for removing the large and small impurities.

2.Peeling Part.

To remove the skin of the wheat for next step milling

3.Milling Part.

Milling the wheat into flour.(the flour fineness can adjust according to your requirment)

4.Packing Part

Finished flour packing .

Delivery time: According to the capacity you want to process.

Packing: shipping container

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